Farts and Dogs

Dogs have much stronger sense of smell than human.
Then what happened if they smell the fart?
What do you think of this question?

I experimented on my dog, John.
I expected he ran away or barked.
But his reaction was totally different.

John usually comes running to me when I come home.
He bites my hand or a bag, and jumps at me with his tail waving.
He loves me and I loves him.

On the very day, he dashed to me and bite my holdings.
I played with him some time and when his face approached
my hip, I farted.
Boo! Yes! A big one! I got it!

When he heard the sound, he got very surprised.
He stopped, and got alert for something.
As you know, he was surprised at rather the sound
than the smell of my fart.
Where does it come?
What is that sound?
I farted again.
He seriously looked around many times.

For the dogs, fart is a strange visitor.


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