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When talk about fart, people will automatically laugh. We heard about fart stories before from our friends, family or even ourselves. For me, fart is a normal thing and nothing gross about it. Even if my friends farted, I will just laugh. People who never fart is not normal. I have a fart story too, it happens two years ago when I was still in technical school. Just the day before, I had stomach problem, I keep fart and fart. I wondered maybe I had food poisoning. The next day, after school, I was having a lunch with my girlfriend, out of nowhere, I farted in front of my girlfriend. Then she looked at me, "Did you just farted?" I said "No". She said, "Stop lying!! Look at your pants, you just shit on it!!. Then my face turned red and I knew she didn't like people fart near her or what so ever. From that day also, we "break off" because she though I was gross and she just couldn't forget about that moment. Well, actually she puke after that..lol..But that was the funniest fart moment in my entire life and now, I'm not that type of guy anymore..


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