The Haunted Elevator

There was a story about a building that was said to be haunted. They said when the building was built, they heard stories about a contractor workers fell down from the top of the building and died immediately. Also, about a guy who just broke off with his girlfriend decided to suicide by jumping off the building and died immediately. Because of the dead stories that many people heard of, the building was haunted. Even though the stories were like 5 years ago but yet it stills instill in people's mind and they couldn't resist it.

I had a friend working there and he always working overtime and sometimes he worked until late night. He told me when he first started his job working there, he faces many obstacles, I mean like seeing ghosts, something like that. One day, he worked until late & the clock shows it's already 1am, he knew that it was time to go home. So, he took the elevator because that was the only option to bring you down fast instead of using stairs.

So he pressed the button G (which means ground) & he's actually working on the 20th floor. The elevator brought him down floor by floor until it stopped at 13th floor but he keeps pressing the button G. He always wondered that he was the only person who worked until late. Suddenly, the elevator door opened, a woman wearing white dresses came in & standing behind him. He pressed the G button and the elevator brought them floor by floor until on the 7th floor, he sniffed a very very bad smells, it's like a corpse or something or even stinky from that.

By that time, he knew standing behind him was a woman and he tried to be brave by looking at the woman. Slowly, he turned his head & look at the woman. He saw the woman's face turned pale & she says "I'm sorry I just farted, please don't get mad".


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