Fart Story

An old woman went to a clinic to be examined. The doctor asked to the old woman what's her problem.

The old woman answered that she had a problem with her fart because it didn't produce any sounds and she didn't smell anything. As she knew that she just farted 10 times while in a office just now.

Because her fart didn't have any sound and stinks, she didn't realize it just happened. The doctor listening carefully and gave the old woman a list of pills that need to be taken. The doctor the old woman to take the pills for a week and after that come and see him again.

After a week, the old woman came back to the clinic and complained her dissatisfaction to the doctor.

"I don't know what you just gave me but the odors around me was really stink & I still couldn't hear anything the smells were really bad", she complained.

"Good, now your smelling problem is healed and we are about to heal your hearing problem", the doctor said.


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